Tumbling Classes meet once a week for 50 minutes. Tumbling classes help participants develop technique, strength and body control that will allow them to execute the desired tumbling skills. Our classes are designed to assist participants of all ages and ability levels. Our classes are taught on levels of progression in an effort to promote safety. Participants must master the required skills for each level before progressing to the next class.



There will be an observation schedule that we will follow for the 2022 Summer Classes. Viewing weeks will be assigned to each class and will be the same from month to month regardless of closures or holidays. The observation area is available for you to view your child on your assigned week. Please refrain from “coaching” or distracting your athlete during their class. Parents and spectators must remain seated in the viewing area, so that the view of others is not blocked. The gym is only open to coaches and athletes UNLESS you are attending a Parent & Tot class with your child. There will be no food allowed in the observation area.

The lobby will operate on a viewing schedule for parents. Below you will see the table that has all the dates parents will be allowed to view their athletes class.


Viewing Dates

Little Explorers (Tiny Tots, Super/Mighty Tots, High Five)

June 6th-9th & July 5th-6th

Level 1A

June 13th-15th & July 11th-13th

Level 1B

June 20th -22nd & July 18th-20th

Level 2

June 27th-29th & July 25th- 27th

Level 3

June 20th -22nd  & July 18th-20th

Level 4/5

June 13th-15th  & July 11th-13th

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icon 2022 End of Year Showcase Information

We are so excited about our End of Year Showcase coming up next week for our recreational classes. We cannot wait for your child to you show you all of the skills they have been working on in class this school year. Please see the schedule and details for the event below:
For the showcase, athletes will only attend during their 20 minute showcase, not the entire time of their normal class. Athletes will enter the gym at their designated time. Athletes will need to wear their Elevation Cheer Co. t-shirt that they were given in class this week. Any type of athletic shorts/bottoms are okay. 
Each athlete will be allowed to have 2 adults and any siblings to attend the showcase. Siblings must be supervised at all times and will not be allowed to be on any of the equipment in the gym. Adults and siblings will enter the gym after the athletes have washed hands. Once inside the gym, adults and siblings must remain in the designated viewing areas for the entirety of the showcase. Once the showcase is completed, we will exit everyone into the lobby to present certificates and take pictures.

Monday, May 23rd
Monday @ 5:00pm Classes
Little Explorer High Five Showcase 5:00-5:20pm
Level 1A Showcase- 5:20-5:40pm
Level 1B Showcase- 5:40-6:00pm
Monday @ 6:00pm Classes
Little Explorers Super/Mighty Tots Showcase 6:00-6:20pm
Level 1A Showcase 6:20pm-6:40pm
Level 1B Showcase 6:20-6:40pm
Level 2 Showcase 7:00-7:20pm
Monday @ 7:00pm Classes
Level 2 Showcase 7:00-7:20pm
Level 3/4/5 Showcase 7:00-7:20pm

Wednesday, May 25th
Wednesday @ 5:00pm Classes
Little Explorers Super/Mighty Tots Showcase 5:00-5:20pm
Level 1A Showcase 5:20-5:40pm
Level 1B Showcase 5:20-5:40pm
Wednesday @ 6:00pm Classes
Little Explorers High Five Showcase 6:00-6:20pm
Little Explorers Tiny Tots Showcase 6:20-6:40pm
May 23rd and 25th will be the last classes for our school year schedule. Our summer flexi-schedule will begin on June 6th. If you would like your athlete to participate in a class over the summer, you must enroll them in a summer class. Visit our website or customer portal for more information about our summer classes!
Again, we are looking forward to celebrating another year of our recreational classes and all of the hard work the athletes have put in this season! If you have any questions, please let us know!
Sara and Lauren