Tumbling Classes meet once a week for 50 minutes. Tumbling classes help participants develop technique, strength and body control that will allow them to execute the desired tumbling skills. Our classes are designed to assist participants of all ages and ability levels. Our classes are taught on levels of progression in an effort to promote safety. Participants must master the required skills for each level before progressing to the next class.



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icon 2022-2023 School Year Parent Viewing Schedule

Our lobby operates on a viewing schedule for classes. Viewing weeks will be assigned to each class and will be the same from month to month. The viewing area is available for you to view your child on the assigned weeks. Please refrain from “coaching” or distracting your child during their class. Parents and siblings must remain seated in the viewing area, so that the view of others is not blocked. The gym is only open to coaches and athletes unless you are attending a parent and tot class with your child. There will be no food allowed in the viewing area.

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